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Sprout Ideas

We have provided sessions for ITV, Tesco, Turner Broadcasting, the NHS, Betfair, Roche, Forrester and more.

Our sessions are more EXPERIENTIAL!
“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand” Confucius
Applied Improvisation takes the principles and skillset of improvisation and applies them to nontheatrical training. Improvisation develops confidence, the ability to think on your feet, trust, communication skills, teamwork, storytelling skills, listening skills, and more. Are these qualities useful in your workplace? Exercises from the world of Applied Improvisation are adapted to test and highlight these specific qualities allowing the participants to actually practice, use and develop them. There will be supporting theory but most of a session will be up on your feet “doing it”, trying out the skills in a supportive atmosphere and then debriefing afterwards to maximise the takeaways.

Our sessions are more FUN!
This is NOT comedy training but it IS playful, engaging and fun! Fun does not mean frivolous. Play and experimentation is how humans were designed to learn and grow and there are serious objectives behind our training. People will actually enjoy learning from the challenges they encounter. A playful atmosphere builds trust amongst colleagues and allows more people to step out of their comfort zone.

Our sessions are more IMPACTFUL!
The practical nature of the sessions in combination with high levels of engagement result in sessions that really do leave a lasting impression and make a tangible difference. Participants are left with a shared experience of trying different behaviours rather than a scribbled set of theoretical notes that get put in a drawer never to be looked at again.

We can do FACE TO FACE or VIRTUAL sessions!
Our workshops were originally designed for face to face teaching but since early 2020 we’ve taken all our workshop online. We can now provide a great experience in real life OR virtually.

So how can we help you?
Any improvisation session will by its very nature improve confidence, the ability to think on your feet and creativity but we have off the peg sessions designed to address the following:-
- Onboarding new staff
Applied improvisation is a great way to get staff connected and working together on day one. Break down barriers and start friendships so your new intake instantly feel part of the company.
- Communication and presentation skills
Improve your performance in pitches, presentations and Q&As, and learn to really listen and connect with your audience and your colleagues.
- Well being
Ensure employees remain happy and motivated at work. Improvisation is an activity that provides real quality time together for the team – time that both improves relationships and adds personal development,
- Teambuilding
A team building session will combine all the fun of group social events, such as paintballing or a music workshop, but underpin it with tangible improvements in communication, collaboration and trust.
- Creativity & innovation
Building a culture of creativity and innovation requires a growth mind-set and a willingness to take a risk or two. We’ll show you how to be spontaneous, generate ideas and banish the fear of failure.
- Storytelling & honing your message
Stories are more memorable and impactful than facts. Learn how to weave together the perfect message to connect with your customers and employees.
- Conference/Ice Breaker Sessions
If you have a dry PowerPoint based day ahead then let us start the day with some exercises to break the ice and raise energy levels. We can often add playful exercises to begin to explore the theme ahead.

All our sessions will result in better overall performance at both the level of the team and individual


Costs vary according to a number of factors including:
- Geographical location. We are based in London but have worked all over the world and also virtually.
- The length and type of the workshop. Workshops can vary from 50 minutes up to several days depending on the brief and outcomes required.
- Number of participants. We can deal with any number of participants, from one to one coaching up to conferences.