The Funny Side Comedy Clubs

Our comedy clubs, based around London, offer an upmarket, yet friendly, alternative to the usual live comedy experience.

Latest News

Our next stand-up comedy course has moved online and will start on Tuesday 13th October.

The course will be available at the discount price of £94.00 (£75.00 concessions) for ALL seven sessions.

The course will run weekly online on Zoom for 6 Tuesdays at 7pm and on the 7th Tuesday there will be an online 'graduation' show.

Click here for more details.

Our next 'Introduction to Improvisation' course is happening on the weekend of 14th/15th November.
Click here for more details.

Stand Up Courses

If you've always wanted to try out your jokes on an unsuspecting world (and let's face it who hasn't) then click here for more details.

Improvisation Courses

Why not improve your spontaneity with our Introduction To Improvisation weekend two-day course. Click here for more details.

The Werewolf Game

The Werewolf is a party game! It's easy to learn, there's no board, few rules, just talking, thinking, pointing, bluffing and lying! Dare you find out more.

Other Services

In addition to clubs, The Funny Side offers a range of other services relating to comedy. Click here to explore our other work.