Corporate Training

Whatever your training needs, The Funny Side, in association with our sister company Sprout Ideas, can produce a tailored solution to suit your corporate training requirements.

Our courses are based around improvisation skills
"Impro" or "Improv" perhaps most often brings to mind the TV show 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'. It's acting without a script, but it is also generating an idea, or a story, or a scene from nothing.

The skills behind successful improvisation also have implications for staff development whether you want to...

Be More Creative
Learn how to be spontaneous, generate ideas and brainstorm effectively.

Communicate with Confidence
Communication skills and confidence go hand in hand. Present your ideas and interact with other people more successfully.

Team Build
One of the most important skills in impro is how to work together. You cannot improvise on your own - you have to work well with other people to make it happen. Impro workshops are a way to build team spirit and trust.

Break the Ice with New Staff
An impro workshop is the ideal way to break the ice with new staff...get them talking, laughing and working together.


Costs vary according to a number of factors such as geographical location and the length of the workshop but in most cases we can work within a client's budget.

Further Information

For further details or to discuss your specific requirements, call us on 020 7060 0404 or email