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Robin Williams
Robin Williams
Dave Bourn (Owner of The Funny Side)...

"The Funny Side started in April 2006 and I've lost count of the fantastic & fabulous performances by amazing acts that we have had over the years.

But Sunday 9th November 2008 will always be the standout night in so many ways. That was the night Robin Williams turned up to do a secret guest spot prior to performing in front of Prince Charles on the 15th of the month.

We weren't allowed to tell anyone he was making an appearance and we didn't - not least because there was the possibility he wouldn't make it. I invited friends saying "Please come, if our special guest turns up you won't be disappointed".

We started the show at 7.30pm and told the audience there "may" be a special extra guest at the end. Around 8pm I'd received a text saying "Robin will definitely be coming after popping in to see French and Saunders nearby". Our headline act Henning Wehn wrapped up his set at 9.30pm and our compere Craig Murray told the audience not to leave as the extra act hadn't arrived yet.

We had an extended extra interval during which the audience waited still not knowing who was about to appear. Then at 10pm Robin took to the stage in front of 80 people crammed into our basement venue.

The performance was amazing. The reaction was amazing. The man was amazing.

I've never seen a performer with so much energy and charisma. For 30 minutes he entranced the ecstatic audience and at the end thanked THEM twice. "I needed this" he said.

People still talk to me about that night and for good reason.

Robin Williams a true comedy legend. Rest In Peace.

Past appearances at The Funny Side

Covent GardenSun 9th November 2008 at 19:30